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Holy talking burning bushes of catnip. You are the one who decided to post your personal diet woes on a google hangout. Just like Oprah and Kirstie Alley and every other fatso who ever went on a diet to lose weight and then parks their immobile lardass on a public broadcasting site all fucking day proves only FatKitteh IZ Fat.  I wish I could convey to you just how utterly brain damaged you fucking sound.

Anyway, stop bullshitting about your imaginary weight loss. You look like a Mac Truck that reversed into a dog's arse. By all means, please keep telling yourself that you're losing tons of fat while your arteries are getting blown out of the back of your swollen head you gullible twit.  But no matter, a massive coronary will soon take care of that.

Enjoy the salad.

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The years do take their toll Michelle. 

Far from what she once was, but not yet what she's going to be.

SHOW LOWER BACK STACY, (aka) Stacy M, Stacy Michele, Stacy Michelle, MichelleStacy

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Abusing and torturing animals is the most disgusting, cruel act anybody can imagine. Animals are defenseless innocent creatures, just like small children, so how can anybody be so vile as to harm them. It was reported to me that this brainless animal abuser was doing it because the scorpion scared his girlfriend. In any instance, it's a general lack of respect for another living creature. It's not a personal thing against the animal. The animal is in a position of vulnerability and the abuser feels control and superiority by exposing this scorpion to hours of intense ultraviolet light (black light) by trapping it in a box with a cricket. As of this report the scorpion has been motionless for over two hours and has been contained in the hot box for over seven hours. Surfrat announced he will leave the creatures in the box for 72 hours. Obviously he has no feeling for the lives that surround him. Disgusting stunt for views imo.

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There's just so much wrong with this, I barely know where to start. And that is precisely the reason behind this one.

Oh look, geeze, look how she appears to have it all together. All the chicks will like her and all the men will want her man-gina and everyone‘s pet dog will want a sniff of her odorous testes! Booyah!

I know she likes to play in the land of the ungendered, but its clear from the amount of time she spends abusing her laggy internet connection by broadcasting on Yawn, that she has no commitments outside of her computer. JackieLeeDale manages an insane amount of internet participation so its reasonable to say that if the web isn't her sole source of social interaction then it comes pretty damned close.

I don't need to know the ins and outs of her daily grind. The proud boastful shemale was put well and truly in her place with arguments that had holes so wide you could have driven a fleet of Oldsmobile's through them. Do I care? Hell no, this is all about tackling opponents and messing with them for shits and giggles. Does JackieLeeDale care? You saw her babbling here. She is rattled beyond belief with hair-brained gibberish and unhinged malarkey. She's been that way for awhile now, but the fact I continually call her nonsense for what it is, drives her up the transatlantic wall while her dedicated mods devotedly purge and ban the obvious.

The funny thing is that even if she would come wholly out of the closet, it still wouldn't do her any good because she doesn't care what is said about her, her life, her family, the people she associates with or even how she treats her cat. She clearly does not care, which is why she is such an easy mark for me.

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