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This is the kind of jocularity that happens when someone like Scrubby is running short on time and does not double-check her troll windows before clicking Send. 

Oh man that's some funny shit right there!!!

Ahh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, I sometimes forget she isn't the brightest kid in the cabbage patch.

So from now on every time she is trolling the users under a guest number, which is a lot, she is going to blame it on the "wrong tab".


I think, on some subconscious level, Scrubby knows that a lot of people laugh at her for her stupidity.

So, Scrubby, was that last comment of yours an attempt at "sarcasm"?

You know, when you make a stupid mistake and then claim "I am not seeing that report"... "sarcastically"

Or was it simply an honest-to-goodness moronic troll?


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They should go to rehab because they broadcast this shit on Yawn. (Image Courtesy of the Great and Powerful LA)

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After reading Scuttle's rather insightful blog concerning To Detox/OR Not to Detox, trolltrackers decided to dust off the old tracker and take a gander at who was visiting during the time that Drunkman was said to be in treatment.

As in Scuttles review, we here at trolltrackers are not saying that Drunkman was actually the one who was using his computer, but someone using his IP was all up in this shit. Also, for those that think military time sucks, here is a convenient converter to assist your love for Standard Time. To be more succinct "someone" was checking out this blog during the early morning hours of Jan, 16 2015 - @ 12:14  am and 4:43 am . Since Mrs. Pump (reportedly) called the cab to take Drunkman to the hospital shortly after midnight on the 15th of January his computer was found here shortly after midnight on the 16th of January. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

The loser known as Foxmanshawn22 even found the time to visit @ 10:37 pm and 11:58 pm on the date of his voluntary committment. HMMMMMM!!! Damn Drunkman even Ikki could add 24 + 12 with the assistance of her beloved TAWMMMY! lmao
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I hope mommy has lots of hugs to give her "little soused shawny"  this week.

BTW Drunkman, thanks for announcing to the entire world, that losing your job has hurt your feelings so bad, that you're about to throw a 6 day pissy fit and essentially accomplish absolutely nothing but your own self-humiliation.

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