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They should go to rehab because they broadcast this shit on Yawn. (Image Courtesy of the Great and Powerful LA)

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After reading Scuttle's rather insightful blog concerning To Detox/OR Not to Detox, trolltrackers decided to dust off the old tracker and take a gander at who was visiting during the time that Drunkman was said to be in treatment.

As in Scuttles review, we here at trolltrackers are not saying that Drunkman was actually the one who was using his computer, but someone using his IP was all up in this shit. Also, for those that think military time sucks, here is a convenient converter to assist your love for Standard Time. To be more succinct "someone" was checking out this blog during the early morning hours of Jan, 16 2015 - @ 12:14  am and 4:43 am . Since Mrs. Pump (reportedly) called the cab to take Drunkman to the hospital shortly after midnight on the 15th of January his computer was found here shortly after midnight on the 16th of January. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

The loser known as Foxmanshawn22 even found the time to visit @ 10:37 pm and 11:58 pm on the date of his voluntary committment. HMMMMMM!!! Damn Drunkman even Ikki could add 24 + 12 with the assistance of her beloved TAWMMMY! lmao
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I hope mommy has lots of hugs to give her "little soused shawny"  this week.

BTW Drunkman, thanks for announcing to the entire world, that losing your job has hurt your feelings so bad, that you're about to throw a 6 day pissy fit and essentially accomplish absolutely nothing but your own self-humiliation.

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Poll Question:    Name the year and quarter in which you believe Drunkman Shawn will slash up along the Hell-O-Holocoaster traintracks.

2015 (Q1)
2015 (Q2)
2015 (Q3)
2015 (Q4)
2016 (Q1)
2016 (Q2)
2016 (Q3)
2016 (Q4)
2017 (Q1)
2017 (Q2)
2017 (Q3)
2017 (Q4)
2018 (Q1)
2018 (Q2)
2018 (Q3)
2018 (Q4)
2019 (Q1)
2019 (Q2)
2019 (Q3)
2019 (Q4)
2020 (Q1)
2020 (Q2)
2020 (Q3)
2020 (Q4)
2021? No way that fuckwit would live to 2021. Shannon would have killed him herself by that point.

Let's not beat around the maple leaf any further while he takes his daily beatings year after year with no end in sight. It is inevitable that Drunkman will take his own life one day. You know it, I know it, and above all, Drunkman knows it. The pain of Mother Pump's indiscretions, the premature loss of his 32 pearly whites and the varied medical illnesses due to the onset of early boozeheimer's, are a ticking time bomb when coupled with the abuse he cops by all and sundry across multiple forums active and now defunct.

Make no fox bones soup about it, he will off himself one day.

Your punt (or bet), should you choose to wager it, is to pick the year and yearly quarter of his demise (Quarter 1 - Quarter 4).

But you ask, "What's a betting pool without a prize, yo?".

This is where it may get interesting to or for you.

Upon a successful wager for the year and quarter, you get a real life photo of each and every poll participant's gravestone eulogy handwritten out to Foxman's rotting carcass and placed in a cemetery of your choosing and locale with your online moniker displayed proudly in the upper right hand corner of each and every one.

How will this be judged?

Obviously, an obituary of Mr. Roffey in a Central Canada (Ontario) based newspaper would be the prime example all would cite as truth.

Barring that (and it's very possible when one considers the financial difficulties the aging hockey puck has these days), a period of not less than 5 years from this date where Drunkman is not found to be broadcasting either at YawnLive, Mark Yawn's soon to be defunct cunt cave, or anywhere else on the internet.

In addition, I will be offering a 300.00 US V-Coin gift certificate to the winner (anonymously purchased and shipped to whatever anonymous address or anonymous email the winner chooses).

Huge shout out to the legendary LurkersAnonymous for always making chops that wreck these trains in the most entertaining ways.
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