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This is the kind of jocularity that happens when someone like Scrubby is running short on time and does not double-check her troll windows before clicking Send. 

Oh man that's some funny shit right there!!!

Ahh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, I sometimes forget she isn't the brightest kid in the cabbage patch.

So from now on every time she is trolling the users under a guest number, which is a lot, she is going to blame it on the "wrong tab".


I think, on some subconscious level, Scrubby knows that a lot of people laugh at her for her stupidity.

So, Scrubby, was that last comment of yours an attempt at "sarcasm"?

You know, when you make a stupid mistake and then claim "I am not seeing that report"... "sarcastically"

Or was it simply an honest-to-goodness moronic troll?


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    haha, I won't report anything through that site she will only call you out later if there is a problem just like she does calling out guests.

  3. Anonymous says: - scuttles is back here

  4. Unknown says:

    if you disagree with anything scruffy says she bans you then when you ask why it is because you are a malicious troll lol. She will also call you a liar when you say you have contacted her or her precious son because they havent had the decency to reply. She is a sad sad woman whose only pleasure in life is to play power trips on her sons crap site

  5. Anonymous says: new url

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